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Incense sticks lend positive energy to living spaces
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Sandalwood incense sticks
Indian incense sticks lovingly traditional and individually hand-rolled in India. Qualitative with strong aroma, and especially intense and long lasting fragrance, and long burning time. Indian incense sticks whether jasmine lavender or sandalwood scents, is very suitable for yoga, meditation, positivity, sensual therapy, or also for calming and relaxation.
Incense sticks lend positive energy to living spaces and free them from negative energy, inviting harmony and relaxation. Ideal for a harmonious evening for two. These incense sticks are also very good as a gift.
Package contents: 1 incense boxes
Size: 26cm length 3,6cm width
Fragrance : Sandalwood
Burn time: from 30 minutes to 45 minutes indoors
Size incense holder: 4.5cm diameter - 1cm high
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