Oriental seat cushion, made of leather, incl. filling.
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Arabic Seat Pouf Seat Cushion Merzougha Orange Black,- 45cm
This carefully handcrafted leather seat cushion is made in Marrakech.
It can be used as a seat cushion, stool, floor cushion, yoga cushion or as a foot rest, very classy.
The seat cushions are a must in the oriental world, but they are also becoming increasingly popular in this country.
Of course, the production here is also pure handicraft.
Our cotton seat cushions are the classics among the Moroccan seat cushions. Very natural in comparison, as far as both the materials are concerned. -
Size: 45cm diameter 30cm high | Material: Leather -
Colour: White and the motifs gold-coloured | decorated with oriental motifs. -
Incl. filling made of recycled cotton.
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