Tea tray made ​​of aluminum, with an ornate wooden base.
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Moroccan Table Amana - Silver, 60cm

Add a unique and functional piece of decor to your living room with this simple, yet elegant table.

This table will anchor any room with a solid yet exotic sense of Oriental heritage.

Elegantly finished, this chic table provides a fashionable appeal while easily incorporated into any home decor scheme.

Start enjoying this handsome style solution in your home now.

These finely decorated trays are available in brass and with various-colored coatings: silver, gold, antique look or copper.

This handicraft art in particular requires a lot of ability and experience.

Of course the production is pure handwork here as well.

The wonderfully-aromatic peppermint tea has a long tradition in Morocco and is the national drink of Moroccans. The special feature of Nana mint is its refreshing and healing effect.

  • Diameter Table: 60cm
  • Height: 50cm
  • Color Frame: Light
  • Color Tray: Silver

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