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Pure natural lava earth from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco
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Ghassoul Chourafa Granules 3000g
Ghassoul (Rassoul - Rhassoul) is a pure natural lava earth from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, 100% organically natural and Fair Trade, is a blackish brown clay, rich in natural minerals, Due to its organic minerals it is perfect for Cleansing of skin and hair, it easily attracts soiling and impurities and is then simply rinsed with lukewarm water.
This Moroccan healing clay has been used as a cleanser and remedy for centuries. This healing earth consists of clay deposits estimated to be 60 to 70 million years old. This hair soap does not contain any surfactants which prevents the greasing of the skin and hair and is environmentally friendly, Ghassul pure mineral includes silicon, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and iron | 100% vegan Without artificial additives.
Marrakech Lavaerde is traditionally processed, dried in the air and in the sun and then finely ground, is used for hair and body cleansing, hair treatment, exfoliation and mask, ideal product for allergy sufferers, baby and child care, also as bathwater additive or for the treatment of skin diseases such as acne, inflammation, itching.
Application: Mix with twice the amount of lukewarm water to a soft paste and let it swell for approx. 3 minutes | For the skin: spread the paste and massage gently | For the hair: Massage into damp hair. After a few minutes, rinse off or rinse again.
Net Weight: 3000g | Type: Granules | 100% natural cosmetics without animal testing
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