Moroccan Bistro Set 5 Pieces
We offer you the most different sizes, therefore our handmade mosaic tables can be used in many areas. As a side table, flower stool, shisha table, balcony or garden table. Especially apart in the conservatory. Pure handcraft and especially massive quality. Base, of course, hand-forged.
Throughout the world, Morocco is well known for its art of mosaic-making, since these mosaic pieces are a true masterpiece of Moroccan craftsmanship, it takes years of practice for a craftsman to master this art and learn about 360 geometric shapes!
The individual mosaic particles are fired in a clay kiln, thereby the mosaic particles get color differences on the glaze, then beaten by hand, The craftsmen must have their pattern exactly in memory, because all ceramic particles are turned upside down on the floor and then with Cement fixed.
The base is hand-forged and treated in an acid bath to form a rust patina. Then the paint is done, the plates are heavy and are placed loose on the base, they need no attachment.
The metal of these chairs has been specially crafted and treated in an acid bath to form a rust patina. Subsequently, the paint was applied, Oriental wrought iron fascinated by its robust and attractive shape, decorative and everyday objects you can not find everywhere.
The mosaic plates are easy to clean and insensitive to water. Mosaics with an open-pored, non-glazed surface can be sealed with a stone glaze or with colorless natural wax. This will make the moisture repellent.
Store the tabletop of your mosaic table in the winter frost-proof, otherwise mosaic particles may leach out.
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