Jeder Teppich ist ein Unikat und im trendigen Boho-Stil gestaltet
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Boho Style Carpet Wall Decoration Round Silva 140cm
This hand-knotted round rug (140cm diameter) made of palm leaves and raffia was made by the Atlas Mountains Women's Cooperative near Marrakech in Morocco. Each rug is unique and designed in a trendy boho style to give your home a warm and cosy atmosphere.
The rug is made of 100% natural fibre and is biodegradable, durable and resilient. It is stain resistant, hard wearing and allergy friendly. This makes it the perfect choice for all living areas, including the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and hallway.
As well as being used as a floor covering, the rug can also be used as a wall decoration to add a unique flair to any room. The rug is versatile and can also be used outdoors as a balcony rug or garden rug to add a cosy touch to your outdoor area.
This rug is hand knotted and the production supports the Atlas Mountains Women's Cooperative by creating jobs for women and preserving traditional craftsmanship. The rug is unique and will create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. Order your hand-knotted rug today and enjoy the beauty and charm of Moroccan craftsmanship! •
Size: 140cm diameter and 1cm thick.
Material: Genuine palm leaves - Colour: Beige Natural.
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