Article No.: ks029-6er

Small Handmade ceramic Tajine from the city Safi in Morocco.
Ready for shipment 24 Hours

Set of 6 Oriental Spice Tajine Zitun
Ceramics, another handicraft from Morocco. Here the beautiful combines with the useful.
With its extravagant motifs, this handmade plate is beautiful, but it is also robust enough to be used every day.
Also here the production is pure handwork.
All burnt out of clay and handpainted in exquisite craftsmanship.
The clay was created from the earth of this country. A natural product.
Useful, individually designed plates and bowls of all sizes in oriental, Mediterranean style.
The naturalness is still highlighted by the individual handwork. Each piece is unique, and each detail represents a part of this land of the sea and the people who live there.
Each piece is a "highlight".
Size: 8.5cm Wide and 8cm Deep
Color : White - Blue - Brown
Material: Ceramic - Not dishwasher safe
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