Culinary art of the nomads, original tajine from Marrakech and Tajine spice mix, 50g.
Ready for shipment 24 Hours
Set of 2, Moroccan Tajine Tuareg - 26cm and Tajine Cookbook.

This tajine is made ​​of natural clay and it is 100% lead-free.

Handmade tajine, without additives or glaze.

Of course the production is pure handwork here as well.

The clay of our tajine stores heat and distributes it uniformly in order to cook the ingredients mildly.

This cooking process results in the conservation of characteristic flavors and nutrients.

Whether vegetables, fish, meat or dessert, cooking process is performed with very little grease or liquids, which provides a completely special flavor to dishes and preserves the vitamins and natural aromas.

This tajine is suitable for every type of stove and oven, as well as charcoal grill.

When you cook with this Moroccan tajine, your whole house will be filled with aromas of Morocco.

Comes with instructions for use and a cooking recipe.

You can find matching little hot-plates for your tajine in our shop under the category 'Tajines'.

  • Size: D 26cm (1-3 persons)
  • Color: See pictures

Tajine spice mix, 50g

  • medium Oriental sharpness
  • made according to original traditional recipes
  • selected ingredients of selected origin
  • Without preservatives, no added flavors, no added coloring

Filling Weight: 50g

Ingredients: peppers, leeks, ginger, thyme, black cumin, cloves, carrot, rosemary, onions.

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