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Natural Rooibos

Our natural rooibos is becoming more and more popular. Rooibos is very good for purification and comes in many flavours. Unfortunately, it has not yet been proven that it protects against ageing, but since it increases general well-being, it is almost like a rejuvenating cure. Our natural rooibos consists only of pure North African rooibos without any other additives or flavours.

  • without flavourings
  • .
  • without additives
  • without preservatives

Ingredients: Rooibos

The preparation

  • Dosage: approx. 1 tsp heaped for a large cup
  • .
  • Water temperature: 90-99°C
  • Pulling time: 5-8 min.

Our tip: like to refine with milk and honey and season.

Content: 0.1 kilogram (49.00 € * / 1 kilogram)

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