As Wall Lamps, Lanterns, or simply as decoration these particularly appealing handmade terracotta crafts & usable.
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Wall Light Amphore

Terracotta - a further artistic handicraft from Morocco. Here beauty is combined with practicality.

Bring home a piece of Moroccan clay. With our attractive and beautifully shaped terracotta wall lamps produced from clay.

Terracotta has this unmistakable warm, earthy color.

It is fits particularly well into a Mediterranean interior. Have the Mediterranean holiday flair at home the whole year round.

Clay. Extracted from the soil of this country. A natural product. The naturalness is even further highlighted by the individual handwork, where every item is unique and every specimen is a part of this country of the sea and the persons who live there.

  • Size : HxWxL 24x24x14cm
  • Colour : Terrakotta
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