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Tea Set Nadia Large

Tea is served with style on our oriental Tea Sets.

A necessary item for all fans of tea and the Orient; so that you can serve your tea in an oriental way we offer you traditional, original Moroccan tea accessories.

Of course the production is pure handwork here as well.

This handicraft art in particular requires a lot of ability and experience.

The wonderfully-aromatic peppermint tea has a long tradition in Morocco and is the national drink of Moroccans. The special feature of Nana mint is its refreshing and healing effect.

  • This set contains:
  • 1x Tray Nadia 47cm
  • 6x Tea Glasses Lamia Orange, blue, and Red
  • 1x Teapot Andalous Large, 800ml
  • 1x Mint Box Etana
  • 1x oriental Tassel
  • 1x Moroccan mint tea pouch, 50g
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