Unique hand-carved table from the south of Morocco.
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Moroccan Berber Table Meknes - Black

Moroccan side table made ​​of wood, with hand-painted ornaments and motifs.

Add a unique and functional piece of decor to your living room with this simple, yet elegant table.

This table will anchor any room with a solid yet exotic sense of Oriental heritage.

Elegantly finished, this chic table provides a fashionable appeal while easily incorporated into any home decor scheme.

This handicraft art in particular requires a lot of ability and experience.

Of course the production is pure handwork here as well.

The wonderfully-aromatic peppermint tea has a long tradition in Morocco and is the national drink of Moroccans.

The special feature of Nana mint is its refreshing and healing effect.

  • Size: HxD 36x60cm
  • Color: Black

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