This spice mixture is also known as Sahka in Morocco.
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Harissa is a spicy paste from the Maghreb. Maghreb or Maghrib are primarily the three states Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. This spice mixture is also known as Sahka in Morocco. There are different recipe variants in the individual countries, the Tunisian version is the sharpest, since it has the largest part of Chile. Our mix was deliberately made milder.

It is widely used as a seasoning for example for Merguez, in soups and sauces as well as pasta and rice dishes. In Tunisia, Harissa serves as a seasoning for almost all dishes and is even eaten as a spread for breakfast.

We hope you enjoy cooking.

    Vegan cuisine suitable
    Gluten free
    Lactose free


All meats, fish, dip, sauce, spread


Heap 2 tablespoons heap with 8 tablespoons of native argan oil in a pan and let it swell briefly. Add salt to taste.
e.g. you can stir this paste in 200ml olive oil mayonnaise, you already have a great tasty dip.

70 Gramm (8,43 € * / 100 Gramm)
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